244 circular Express Crochet 163 533 double point Tapestry needles Crochet 235 large handle Inox 544 circular
826 needle guards Knitting mushrooms Pom pom kit 892 row counters
  Large magnifier 958 mohair brush 856 straight cable needles 855 cable needle   Inox large rack
533 8 inch double point     854 multi color tool   530 straight needle
Inox is the largest supplier of knitting needles in the world. Russi Sales has been a distributor of these fine products for over fifteen years.

Two years ago Inox changed plants with some, as many of you already know, disruption of supply. We are presently 98 percent back to normal with even higher quality standards than before. We even have needle racks again! Please contact us for prices, set up assortments and new account discounts.

These needles and accessories are the best quality and price available on the market today. The nickel plated circular needles (244) are as much as $3.00 less than similiar products. The Teflon coated circular knitting needles (544) are even less expensive with the highest standards of quality.