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Heirloom Yarn Collection Inox Knitting Needles Home mailto Knitting Kits Te Awa Heirloom Patterns Pewter Clasps Pewter Buttons Inox Knitting Needles Heirloom Yarn Collection Crochet needle 163 Crochet needle 235 Crochet needle 235 Double pointed needles 533 Embroidery needles 10/41 Knitting Mushroom Needle Guards 8/26 Stitch Indicator Rings 8/27 Stitch holders 8/62 Row counters 8/92 Circular 844/15mm Sz 19   Mohair brush 9/58 Store needle display Store display rack Straight cable needle 8/56 Cable stitch needle 8/55 Needlework Magnifier Pompom maker 8/94 Nickel plated circular needles 244 Nickel plated circular Teflon coated aluminum circular needles 544